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Today is a very special day for me, it's my birthday (March 5th!)  Today is a celebration for me, but I wanted to take a moment to celebrate you.

What I'll remember forever about "26" is all of the wonderful people that came into my life and made a lasting impact.  {friends, entrepreneurs, extended family, clients, coaches, from networking groups, JCFR, conferences, workshops, masterminds, hosting, etc...} I've also strenghened my existing relationships with friends and family significantly.  This absolutely includes you... thank you for being instrumental in my life this year!  I'm so glad you have been part of my journey, and I hope we see each other more in "27." : )  

Do you like to read?  I love to read... these days I devour books, especially on French culture.  I recently finished my 6th and the 7th is on order!  Oh the French... they are one of my favorite cultures to learn from.  So, since today is my celebration... I decided to write completely on what I want to write and read about (I'm sure you'll like it!)

"27" French lessons on romance, fashion, beauty, food, living...

oui, this is way different than American culture.


In no particular order....

The French on Romance...

1. There is no French word for "date", there is just "to go out."  A sense of ambiguity in romance is more than acceptable.  Not everything has to be so "defined."  (The French believe American have lost that sense of mystery, .)

2. The art of seduction still exists in France.  Men woo the old fashioned-way...  Yet they are subtle, not direct.  And what matters most, is seducing the mind.  (Intellect is highly attractive.)

3. Sex is not sensationalized or taboo-ed.  To the French, it's not a big deal to talk or joke about it with others.

4. Women don't expect their spouses/boyfriends to be like women and have the same interests.  Men and women are different and that should be celebrated.  (Women do not expect their spouses/partners to be their all-encompassing best friends.)

5. While on the other hand, there's no battle of the sexes, extreme feminism, or ranting about the other gender when they are not around.

French on Shopping...

6. "Leche vitrine" is the French expression for window shopping, which literally tranlates to "window licking." : )

7. When you enter a shop, it's like entering someone's home... be sure you the customer greet the shopowners and say thank you. 

8. Women have a huge appreciation for wearing beautiful lingerie.  It must be known though, that they buy it intently for their own pleasure.

9. The French invest in quality fashion pieces each season, gradually building a solid wardrobe (as opposed to frequent cheap pieces.)

10. The French have fewer wardrobe items, but have made an art of mixing, matching, and accessorizing to make their wardrobe look fuller.

The French on Beauty...

11. A staple for French wardrobe: the scarf.  Tres chic.  The French know just how to tie it.

12. "Jolie laide" is about celebrating beauty that is not the standard norm or embracing the "ugly pretty."  What is unconventional or imperfect is what makes a French woman interesting.  The "flaws" are what is celebrated...  It's more compelling not to fit into the standard mold.  

13. Makeup should look natural.  The French woman spends much more time/money/energy on skincare than covering up the skin.

14. A Frenchwoman walks a lot (many live on walk-up-only apartments on 5th or 6th floors in Paris) and doe

sn't believe in going to the gym (at least not very often) or getting overly muscle-y.

15. Sunbathing topless is a-okay.

The French on Food... 

16. There's no eating-on-the go.  I heard a quote from the woman who wrote "French Women Don't Get Fat", she said she'd rather not eat anything than scarff something down on the subway.  The atomosphere, the smells, would dishevel the experience of eating all together.

17. Excellent quality underlines even the simplest meal in France.  A French woman goes to the market, buys local/seasonal foods, and uses her senses to make an esquisite meal.

18. A French cookbook is more intuitive, it doesn't give exact measurements and direct-to-follow instructions.  It is assumed that the cook has an innate sense of making the dish turn out and flavored just right.

19. You haven't had baguette (le pain/bread) until you've been to France.  ()  The French are serious... a boulangarie makes authentic bread from scratch on the premises.  Bread (with butter) accompanies nearly every meal. 20. Cheese is served after the meal, and many cheeses are ripened on the counter.

The French on Living....

21.  The French embrace the "art de vivre"... that is, life's simple pleasures.  No guilt, built-in leisure, and organizing one's life around not doing things.

22. They also embrace "joie de vivre", an inner state of contentment from things outside of oneself, such as nature, things, others.

23. "You make love with more passion and you go with your passions.  You don't try to control the basic stuff."*

24. "The French are aware of the brevity of time and the immediacy of pleasure."

25.  "So, what do you do for a living?" No-no-no, that's very impolite in getting to know someone in France.  

26. Privacy is reverred.  A French girl doesn't disclose her family secrets, wear her heart on her sleeve, or spill all the details of who she is (or where she bought her dress.)  Same with her home, if you are invited over for a dinner party, don't expect to have a tour to see her entire home.

Why do we all want to go to Paris ? 

27. "We go to Paris to off-load our cultural baggage & momentarily stop worrying....  We go to Paris to upload a new sensory experience, one that in its radiant and unfettered sensuality knocks us off our feet."*I hope a few points really stick out to you, and help you approach life more French-ified.

Au revoir, off to celebrate my birthday : )

*(Quotes from Debra Olliver, What French Women Know)