Originally posted April 5, 2013

Hi there!

I'm here to share something very personal with you this week.  Before we talk more about adventuring, we have to lay the right foundation... 

Sometimes I compromised who I was to fit into someone else's "box" of how I should represent myself.  (Ever happen to you?).  It never worked.  

Last year I was preparing for a speech and was getting some feedback beforehand.  The personal "about me" portion of it was ripped to shreds.
XXX\\\|||///***xxx.......  (<- my attempt to rip into shreds)

(My heart sank when I heard the advice, which you are about to see.)
Although I didn't agree with it... I took the advice and adjusted my "about me" accordingly.

And the results?  Well... nothing/nada to speak of.  No new opportunities came from that speech, because I wasn't expressing whom I really was.  See what I mean...

Advice - "Don't tell the audience that you are actually a shy person." 

Instead, what happened weeks after the talk...

On stage with master teacher/mentor Fabienne Fredrickson (image above) in front of 150-some peers.  One of the things she told me: "You're a healer for shy people."


At the Community Leadership Institute I'm in, we did a Myers Briggs test and game.  I'm an INFJ (but maybe P instead of J.) 

And, many people are in the I-Introvert section, and we are pretty cool, and still very good leaders.

Then, at local Titled un-conference, a great message I heard in a workshop was "It's humble, quiet people who listen more, and are often more successful in business because of it."  

Reflection: Your personality is cool just the way you are (even the shy/introverted types.)  Embrace it, share it.

Advice - "In your interests, take out that you like Lady Gaga." 

Lady Gaga is one of my spiritual teachers (even Oprah called her a modern day spiritual teacher).   Seriously, read a few lyrics:

I'm beautiful in my way, 'Cause God makes no mistakes

I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way 


I just wanna be myself and I want you to love Me for who I am


I won't give up on my life, I'm a warrior queen

Whether you like Lady Gaga or not, it's cool that I respond to lyrics like that, right?  (Most everyone in my circle responds to positive messaging.)

Reflection: Share who your favorite leaders, inspirations, and artists/musicians are.  People will get a sense of whom you are that way, and respond favorably.  

Advice - "You need to dress especially "professional."' 

Well, I didn't wear a boring black suit to my presentation ; ) but I have adjusted what I would prefer to wear to please others.  

You see... fashion is my expression.  It's what people notice about me, and what people want to talk about with me.  (Why would I cover up my natural talents?  Especially for a presentation about me and my business.)

Reflection: What you like is a reflection of who you are.  I'm colorful, feminine, cultured, creative, whimsical, and fun, as shown through my fashion.  Indulge in your interests and let them shine to the world who you really are.

Advice: "You're a young beautiful lady, how am I supposed totrust you?" (OUCH right?

Well actually, being a younger entrepreneur is awesome.  (I won't even touch beautiful, since when is that untrusting?)  There are so many advantages to being young... including sharp thinking, hip perspective, lots of energy, eagerness, focus, and much more.

Most people are inspired and engaged by the fact I'm a younger entrepreneur.

(hey there are advantages the other way too...  Don't get offended if you don't feel like a spring chicken.) 

Reflection: Your age and experience, no matter what it is, is just what it should be.  There is no such thing as too young or too old.  

Yup, I'm an introverted, Lady Gaga-loving, fashionably-expressed, younger entrepreneur.  Nice to meet you.

Where have you been compromising your "About Me" section?  

The world shines brighter when you are authentically yourself... 
it's the only way to adventure! 

PS. This is not an attack on the person who gave the advice.  After all, he/she gave it with well intentions.  Some people are wrongly convinced that we all have to fit into a "box" to be successful.  Bless this person.