Originally Posted April 26, 2013


Do you ever find yourself hearing or saying…

"I want to {insert adventure} but I need to find someone to go with me/OR so-and-so canceled on {this adventure} with me so I'm not going."
I hear these kinds of statements often.  Adventuring with other people is cool, don’t get me wrong, but it’s truly extraordinary to adventure solo. 
For starters, you can skip delightfully to the beat of your own drum.  And, the best part: you get to discover who you really are.

I’m not sure about your solo adventure experience…

You… (Check all that apply)
___ Have been across the country or the world by yourself, but it’s been a while. 
___ Frequent adventures on the weekend to the park, museum, or take local classes by yourself.
___ Are close with your loved ones and spend the majority your adventures with them. 
___ Aren’t really thrilled with the solo idea because it’s scary or lonely.
___ Haven’t really considered it…
From wherever you are in your adventure solo experience, I believe most everyone could use a bit more of it.  (And if you are thinking it’s scary or lonely, shouldn’t you trust and want to be with “you” more than anyone else?)

At first I had trouble with how to share my perspective of solo adventure with you.  “This is so natural to me,” I first thought… “I've been to 20+ countries entirely on my own.  I adventure alone on a weekly basis.”  Until… I realized that adventuring solo wasn’t natural to start!! 

I hadn't adventured really anywhere on my own (other than for shopping) until I studied a semester abroad in Sydney, Australia.  Just like trying anything new to start, it was an adjustment at first.  But within a short time, I adjusted and excelled.  (And so can you!)
It’s extraordinary looking back.  Before my experience in Australia, this is who I was: I was a business major/art minor student, who lived on campus, did community service, worked out at the gym, and led tours at my university.  All was fine, but looking back, I had no idea the depths of who I really was and what I loved.  From my experience in Australia, I learned that:

- I love traveling.  I’m rather adventurous, spontaneous, and adore learning about other cultures.
- I love to read and learn for pleasure.
- I live well on a mostly-vegetarian diet.
- I strive to be positive and wake up before my alarm and jump out of bed to start each day.
(**SERIOUSLY, it's crazy to admit this.  Today those points are the essence of who I am, but they had to be discovered!)

A big “what-if” came up with me recently… what if I never took solo adventures.  “What if” I never studied abroad at Australia, or traded it to travel with a big entourage of other Americans, with everything planned and clocked out.
I would have progressed on in life alright.  I would have…
-      Been a good student.
-      Grown in my career.
-      Held leadership positions.
-      Joined in many group activities.
-      Done fun things with friends and family in my free time.
That’s all fine and well.
But what about my/your life’s PASSION
What about the DEPTHS of my/your SOUL
What about new life PERSPECTIVE?
What about life my/YOUR WAY?
That has to be discovered solo.
Start small, or dream big… Where and when is your next solo adventure?