Originally posted May 3, 2013

Have a hobby you want to start?  
Do you mean... swap "want" and ^INSERT^ *are procrastinating*.

I procrastinate too. : /
And this week, I've been hit over the head with reminders...
- "Some-day is not a day of the week."
"Why I have a problem with dreamers... the world needs doers."
"Are you just going to let life pass you by?"

A lot of procrastination boils down to is... a fear to start.

Luckily, this week I had some serious inspiration.  
In form of... 


^This is my parent's new puppy, Captain.^
He's 2.25 months old...
11 pounds...
pure breed border collie...
& total a bundle of puppy love.

When I catch myself saying...
"I don't know enough" .... to START.
"I haven't enough experience" .... to START.
"I need more confidence." .... to START.

I think of Captain.
A puppy.... a true beginner, who makes starting look awesome.
- He's wide eyed and amazed by all that he sees around him.
- He'll loves freely and will lick your face with pleasure.
- He's playful just 'cuz (I even catch him pouncing towards his toys with delight, when (he thinks) no one is watching.)
- And, he's adored for his puppy/beginner's charm.

Sure on occassion he wets in the house...
Crosses into the neighbors yard...
Cries in the crate (can you blame him?)
But he learns quickly, and forgives easily.

Life to him is one big adventure from the start.

What about you, what's your next adventure to start?