Originally Posted April 12, 2013

I am SO excited to share this with you, because it's truly life changing.

Here in Virginia spring is in the air!  And with summer approaching (unless you live in Australia), you are likely wondering... where will I go on vacation?

Earlier this year client asked me about how to get ready and attract international travel to her life.  How had I done it?  

I could have told her the standard...
Renew your passport
Search for discount airfare
Save money
Create vision board

But, the answer I gave her was much more profound.

This is the real secret to attract amazing travel to your life...

Fall in love with your life just-as-it-is right now.  

It works like a charm.  Let me explain...
Three years ago, before a remarkable 7+ months of travel and numerous new passport stamps (19 countries visited)...
This is what my life looked like... 

- I loved my internship/job.
- I was grateful for the money I was making.
- I nurtured great friendships and made new ones.  
- I enjoyed many hobbies.
- I loved my home and continually decorated it.
- I felt happy, excited by life, and more at peace than the year before. 
Life wasn't perfect by any means, but all in all I loved my life.

Then what happened?  My job contract suddenly ended and thought... "Well, I'vealways wanted to go to Europe, might as well go now!"  Within a couple weeks I was exploring Barcelona, Spain via a one-way ticket plane ticket.

You see... the energy wasn't...
"I can leave this miserable job, finally get out of the USA, meet worldly people who matter, finally have fun and start living."  (Yikes, you can't attract travel that way!)

Instead, my energy was... 
"I love my life as is, but alright, the universe has different plans for me, which I'm sure will be really awesome.  Let's go..."

Being present and loving your life as it (no matter how imperfect it is) is when you really start to attract magic.  When you are grateful, present, and happy, the universe says, let me give you even more!

Aside from attracting travel, here are some examples to drive the point home...
- When she loved and fully engaged in her job... that's when she met her dream company/boss.  She approached him by (honestly) saying that she loved her job but would love to hear more about his work.  He was impressed by her enthusiasm and passion, and soon offered her a dream job.
- It's when they loved their nook-and-cranny uniquely-imperfect house, that they landed the better than they could have imagined river house, with special detailssuch as game room, movie theatre, tennis court, wine cellar, and a gorgeous view right on the water.
- It's when she accepted the breakup (she was dumped) and quickly embraced being single, that a friend introduced her to the love of your life, just a month later.  Everyone around them remarked that they had the greatest love, and three years later they married in style.

Put the energy into loving your life (even the un-perfect parts.)
You'll be AMAZED how far it will take you. : )