Do you love to visit flower gardens?  YES/OUI...  I do too. : )

Naturally, I get a lot of inspiration from gardens in Paris.  There are many impressive gardens throughout Paris, notably Jardin du Luxembourg and Jardin des Tuileries.  

But what you may not know is that... in Paris there is a whole subculture of secret gardens!
Scattered throughout Paris in small squares, nestled in neighborhoods, and even outside of businesses such as hospitals, hotels, and city hall, lay uniquely pristine secret gardens throughout Paris.

I love the idea of the secret garden, both literally andfiguratively.

Everyone woman (and man) should have her (his) ownfiguratively secret garden.

In her secret garden she grows...
Her deepest desires.
Her adventure dreams.
Her indulgent hobbies.
Her brilliant ideas before they are ready to be shared.

Her secret garden is a safe haven for growing truly exquisite flowers.

In your secret garden: Love your secret garden.  Select the most beautiful and exotic flowers.  Dig your hands in the soil.  Plant the seeds.  Romance your flowers as they grow.  Sing sweet songs aloud.  Set the bird houses.  Install a flowing fountain.  Journal in your secret garden.  Meditate there.  Breathe in the fragrant smells.  Play in it.  Pull out the weeds.  Speak loving words there.  Revisit regularly.    
When you are ready, open the gate, and share your garden's glory.
(No need to share your secret garden prematurely.  Most other people won't understand the garden vision anyway.

Ready to grow and mend your own secret garden?

(Notice, I didn't ask what you are growing, because it's secret!)

What's growing in my Adventure Often secret garden?
So much.  I'm quite the gardener over here!
I know I know, the smell of lavender in my secret garden is permeating over to you!

Some flowers are about ready to blossom... including my next Paris-themed Adventures (and with special new blossoms.) I'm almost ready to let you see...  I'll be announcing the June dates and details next week (so stay tuned!)