This is quick note from me to share with you what's been going on here with Adventure Often. (remember last, I mentioned I was growing much in my secret garden ?)

I just launched my new site!  (Which you are now viewing!) 

AND, I want to offer you a valuable resource.  People often ask me... "so, to find Paris in Richmond... you must go to Can Can [French restaurant] a lot?"

NOW... while I do like a good brioche or crepe from time-to-time, there's much more to finding "Paris" than visiting a French cafe.  In fact, I dare say, there are many more creative and fun ways to find some "Paris."

SO... I've put together a very creative and fun collection of Paris-Inspired ways to infuse some Paris in your life.  And guess what?  It's totally FREE and available to you right now.

Download by clicking the top bar on my website titled: 20 Ways to Infuse some Paris in your Life (from wherever you live) 

Do me a favor?  I'd love to share this valuable and fun resource with more people.  Share my website with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones who would to infuse some "Paris" in their lives too.  Please have them download this guide by visiting my website and clicking the very top bar. 

I'd love to infuse more "Paris" across the globe.  I appreciate your support!

Merci beacoup, Enjoy!


PS. Be back tomorrow with more insights and adventures. : )