How do you define ADVENTURE?


It's interesting leading a company named Adventure Often.

If I just say my company name without explaining... often I get asked...
Do you white water raft? Lead people on thrill-seeking trips?

Err... uhh... no.  Not exactly...

It's interesting how our society proceives "Adventure."

To be honest... I've done many of typical-qualifiying "adventure" experiences.
- I've traveled solo to over 20 countries as a young lady, going spontaneously without much of a plan for months
- I've been scuba diving, rockclimbing, & surfing in Australia 
- I've hitch-hiked in Morocco and Texas {oy, never told my parents that}
- I've rode on the back of a motorcycle {without a helmet} and on-top of an elephant in India
- And, I went skydiving in New Zealand

Let's take the skydiving one.  That's usually the one people go "WHOA! You went Skydiving?"

Yes.  I went skydiving.  I even got motion sickness on the way down and threw up in the air {gross, I know.}

Was skydiving scary?  To be honest... no.  I went with an experienced company, they do thousands of jumps.  I jumped with a professional strapped to my back.  What is there to be scared of?  The air was crisp and the view of Queenstown, NZ gorgeous, and a professional jumper there to tell me what to do.

I share the skydiving "adventure" as more of a... conversation point with people.  It gives me "coolness" points, though it all honesty, I don't find it really that adventurous.

Nor did really any of those points above on that list {although natural reflex with outdoor rockclimbing is a bit scary.}

What have really been the adventures in my life?  The scary, thrilling, heart beating out of my chest adventures?
Starting a business.
Making new friends.
Falling in and out of love.
Being honest with people.
Following the truth of my heart.

Yup, I do lead adventures.  And they are adventurous {but so not in the typical way.}

They are Paris-Inspired and led here in Richmond, Virginia.  And yes, we ride with a luxury chauffeur, learn about Parisian fashion, eat delicious French treats, and take a special tour of a Versailles-inpsired park.  But there's so much more...

We go on the Paris-Inspired Adventure to allow our deepest desires to come to life.  We partake on the adventure to discover how to live a better life, inspired by the European way of living.  NO more saying "they live so much better in Europe" and "I'm so much happier when I travel."  In this live adventure, we tap into the desires of our heart, using romantic and luxurious Paris as the inspiration.  

Question for you: What have truly been the "real adventures" in your life?  And were are you seeking more?

If you truly want some adventure in your life, I invite you to come along June 22nd.  
I promise you, you haven't ever been on an adventure like this before.