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If you have been following me for some time, you know that this business started as Eat Well & Adventure Often.  I did health & nutrition coaching.

It all started after spending extended time overseas, and I returned home and I was shocked by the American way (or lack there of) of eating and exercise, including:
- 5:00am extreme exercise classes
- microwaved Lean Cuisines
- chalky fake protein shakes
- addiction to diet soda
- people too stressed out to walk  
That's not how they do "healthy" across the globe!

But as you know, I'm now Adventure Often.  : ) I missed adventuring and travel myself as I grew my nutrition business, and soon found myself adventuring in a new way around town.  Thus, here I am, introducing many others to local Paris-Inspired Adventures. 

It's funny looking back.  When I went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was actually most drawn to the mindset and spirituality lessons.  (Including Deepak Chopra, meditation, Debbie Ford, law of attraction, positive mindset.)

DISCLAIMER: This is advance information.  Digest at your own stomach capacity.

I realized, even more so than physical junk food, people are addicted to junk food thoughts.

Second disclaimer: I'm forever a student of this stuff.  I'm so totally working on this myself.  It's ok-it's a practice.

Junk food thoughts include... self-sabotage, self-criticism, self-doubt, self-fear, and limiting beliefs.  
Just like twinkes, ding dongs, and big macs, this stuff is toxic!  
(Healthy-eating people can be just as guilty of junk food thoughts.)

Do some of your thoughts include...
I work too much.
I don't have the lifestyle I want.
I love art but I never do it anymore.
I love to travel, but I can't anymore.
I love fashion but I don't dress up anymore.
I love the outdoors but I'm inside all the time.
I love food but what I eat now is boring.
I am too bored, stressed, overwhelmed, etc.

Hate to break it to you, but I will... you have junk food thoughts.
But like your physical health, you can become super fit and healthy and lose your appetite for the junk food thoughts!

Ready to change?  I'm going to be real' real with you.
I have/had coaches.  I've done programs.  I've gone to many conferences and workshops.  I learn and study.  I listen to teleclasses and watch videos.  I read.  I'm into self-help. I meditate.  I journal.
I benefit very much from it ALL.  (you too ?)  It's all amazing and upleveling!

But for it to really work, in the words of Nike, you have to:
"Just do it."

What's so unique about my Paris-Inspired Adventures...
We aren't just talking about embracing more adventure, play, enjoyment, and creating our ideal lifestyles.   
We are actually DOING IT live, and breaking away from our junk food thoughts and having a true adventure!

If you want to...
Play with your ideal global lifestyle
Explore fashion, art, gardens, and some sweetness
Live like a millionairess, and be whisked away in luxury for an afternoon
Explore the experience of frolicking in charming Paris
And want to welcome more adventure to your life...

Are you ready to say goodbye to junk food thoughts and welcome adventure in your life?

Just do it!

And if this speaks to you, I have just 2 spaces open this Saturday.  (June 22)
Grab these last spaces on the Paris-Inspired Adventure, this Saturday from 2-5pm.
I'd love to show you to forgo the junk food thoughts and adventure often. : )

Wishing you adventure!

PS I JUST have 2 spaces for my Paris-Inspired Adventure this Saturday?  Are you in?