May you be blessed with the essence of $20 million.
Love, Jennifer & the wealth cat


Hi There!

I had a huge revelation recently.

ESSENTIALLY.... What would you do with your life, if you had $20 million?  

~~ Start doing more of THAT now. ~~

I made a list of what I would do with my life if I had $20 million.  
And, I was SHOCKED by my list.  

See some of this list...
See my friends more. Make new friends. Stop being scared to talk to inspiring people. Savor each bite. Forgo that cupcake, with $20 million I should look fabulous all the time. Take a new exercise class (Richmond Barre maybe?). See more of Becky and take more of her yoga. Collect teapots. Get serious about learning French. Meditate daily and learn more from Denise. Become friends with Olivia Palermo. Create art. Welcome more music in my life. Fashion blog. Follow more of Benny the Irish Polyglot. Get a new hairdo. Add video to my business blog. See Katie more. Write Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage. Repaint my living room. Write love-notes to friend-crushes. Get a massage. New makeup. Linger over home-cooked dinners. Babysit my nephew. Read more. Take more soothing baths. Always tell the truth.

Yes sure there were other things... shop weekly at Net-A-Porter, travel first-class, wear Alexander McQueen couture, get a personal organic chef for lunch, jetset to Colombia or Bali tomorrow, and hire the most talented designers and assistants.

But AT LEAST 75% of the things on my list are FREE or at least accessible to me RIGHT NOW.

~~ Like, WHOA. ~~

Next... Monday morning comes along. 

I'm about to gallivant to my desk and I'm about to flip open my laptop until...
I thought... what would I do if I had $20 million?  

I would NOT start Monday morning at my laptop checking email.

Answer: I'd take in this beautiful morning and go bike riding.  Oh, and I'd drink more fine tea.

The Result?  A 45-minute wonderful bike ride to start the day.  I then took a short walk for green tea with strawberry essence.

Whole experience?  Set me back a tire pump and $1.10+ tax.
Whoa, I can live like a millionairess starting now, before I make the $20 mil.

And the rest of the day?  I was super productive and energetic.

Sure, for the inner critic... you might have to keep that 9-5 office job a bit longer to pay the bills.... you may have to shop at H&M instead of Net-A-Porter, for the moment.

But I bet you can start living like a millionairess for part of your day, before you too make the $20-million.  You'll be a whole lot wealthier inside.

HOMEWORK: make that list, what would you do with your life if you had $20 million?  Highlight the ones you can do today, and get started : )

And if on your $20-million list, you include the desire for more travel, a getaway to Paris, and the ability to experience more luxury and leisure... have you seen this?  I'm leading a Paris-Inspired Adventure June 22nd.  Come along, I'll show you how to live like a millionairess who travels, indulges, and savors each bit of life, all inspired by Paris.  It's happening here in Richmond, VA June 22nd!  Details here.

Wishing you abundance adventures!


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