Don't be so hard on yourself... celebrate!
{Small evening celebration in Delhi, India}

How are you feeling as you wrap up your week?  
Feel that you didn't get enough "done"?

I can so relate.  You gotta hear this!  It has really helped me...

To get more things "done" I've had "accountability buddies."  And it would go like this... morning phone call, or email, at the same time everyday and we'd profess what 3 things we would each accomplish that day.

BUT truth be told, in all the months of doing that, I don't believe I ever accomplished all that I said I would.  Because really, I vastly underestimate how long tasks actually take, what is important to do before diving into the day, and I also get inspired {orsidetracked!} on other tasks.

Basically each day I would feel bad about myself for not getting enough done, and the next morning I would have to confess what I didn't do, which is never what I promised.  I was in constant state of self-criticism. 

LUCKILY, I had a total change of mind on accountability.  SEE what I now do:

Instead of setting out with a list of what I should do {and later feeling bad because that didn't happen} I have a buddy for the END of the day.

Instead of accountability we call it "Celebrations."

We share what we DID get done today, and celebrate that.  Today I did XYZ, X is done and I really enjoyed working on it, I found out something spectacular doing Y {still need to finish it though}, and I learned this doing Z.  And, I'm so excited about starting A upcoming, I heard great news about X, and W I'm overwhelmed with but I'll get going to push through fear and start!  Congrats on your celebrations today, and thank you for your support!

Talk about a more celebratory, proactive state of "accountability!"  Each day it's inspiration to propel more forward {including the tough days, too.}

HOMEWORK, toss aside the half-done to-do list and get-that-done regrets , how can you start CELEBRATING what you DO accomplish each and every day?

(Start celebrating and I bet you'll actually get a whole lot more done ;) )

Wishing you adventure & celebration.


PS Curious who my celebratory accountability buddy is?  Tis the lovely, talented Bianca Filoteo, who is a story-teller, actor, screenwriter, filmmaker and founder/coach for Video for Shy People.  (Yeah she's super awesome, you should check her out!