(At the world's premier fabric trade show, in Paris.) 


My apologies for being terribly out of touch with you, but I have big news...

I've been in Paris for the last month (the REAL Paris this time!) studying fashion in an intensive fashion school program!! : )  

It all happened very quickly... as often does when I am ready to follow my dreams.

Fashion has always been my true love and I'm so excited to intertwine my love of fashion with Adventure Often with you.

I've grown tremendously over the last month, as has my passion for fashion (hehe rhymes.)

I'm off to class now so I better run!  I promise to share more Adventure Often updates soon.

Now, go follow your dreams!

Merci beaucoup,

XX Jennifer 

PS What's fashion school been like?  Busy and marvelous... I've sketched almost every day, rediscovered watercolors, have visited at least 50 designer fashion shops, learning so much about the fashion industry and it's people, and I volunteered at two Paris Fashion shows yesterday.  Tres bien!