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Hello there Adventurer,

I know i know, long time no see, no hear.  (To be honest, I've been agonizing for months over how to get in touch with you again.)  
If it’s alright with you… I’d like to jump in, and share what's been going and and what's ahead for Adventure Often….  But FIRST… let’s get real for a moment...
I’ve changed A LOT, I mean A LOT over the last year, just as Adventure Often is changing…
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So if you are still here…  Oh la la ! 

So what’s been going on with me and Adventure Often?!?!


Let's rewind to the moment of truth, that changed everything…
After a lot of self reflection, weekly meditation (led at Ellwood Thompson's by my spiritual teacher), triumphs, failures, and a nagging burnout...  I woke on a Saturday morning in July 2013, began reading this book, and realized it was a time to make a massive life change.


Above: Le Penseur ("The Thinker")
Musee Rodin (7eme, Paris, France) 

I am passionate about SO MANY things (healthy food, travel, Paris), yet I’ve always had this (not-so)secret desire to following my calling for fashion.  While I've known this from a young age, between some discouraging moments and self-doubt, I put that dream on hold... until I realized I couldn’t wait any longer. 
Within weeks of this “wake up call”, I was in Paris, attending a month-long fashion school immersion. That quickly led to volunteering at Paris fashion week shows, working in designer’s showroom, attaining a long-term position with a French PR company, securing a visa, and moving to France… 
So, more or less… that’s where I have been...  


While it probably seems like a fairytale dream: moving to Paris! Working in Fashion! 
In all reality, there have been many, many tough moments and plenty of adjustments. It’s been a crazy ride, to say the least.  
(Will be sharing more soon...)

Above: Assisting at an Haute Couture Presentation
Hotel Meurice. (1eme, Paris, France)


Thus, it’s a new day for Adventure Often.  (choir singing!!)

As Adventure Often is evolving..
I’d love for YOU 
to be a part of it. 

  • I'll be sharing weekly letters (NOT traditional marketing newsletters) about this crazy adventure...

  • I'm creating my first fashion designs ;) , and I'd love to share with you how that is developing...

Perhaps, through my personal heroine’s journey: full of promise, crazy twists / turns, challenges, and discoveries...
                        may be inspired to create an adventure all of your own.


Next up, I'll be sharing….

  • The truth about Parisian fashion (I sooo had the wrong idea of what is "fashionable" before I moved here)

  • AND... the most painful lesson I've learned from this year in Paris, which I'm in the process of un-learning (so I never do that again!)

Many thanks, and you'll be hearing from me soon! ; )


Much gratitude,


PS. I sound differently, ey?  Yes, those around me have been calling me especially courageous, brave, and authentic.  Taking off the mask... Ready to show you the real side of Adventure Often.  Stay tuned... :)