I learned a fundamental lesson in nutrition school.

It had nothing to do about proteins, carbs, being vegan or going paleo.

It reminds me of how to approach, quite frankly, everything in my life.  It's this....

The founder of our school loved to sharing unorthodox theories about food, lifestyle, and how everything is interconnected.

He shared... "You know when you go out to eat, and the cook and his wife preparing your food are arguing in the back... You can taste that in your food, right?"

Everything is energy.

Everything is created from a space of love or fear, and you can taste it, and feel it unconsciously.

Along the lines of food...  Last summer I hosted a gathering with 3 close girlfriends.  I found a recipe for summer spring rolls (with peach, avocado and peanut dipping sauce, um!)  A few hours before they came over, I set out all of the ingredients, and leisurely took my time preparing the spring rolls, being present and enjoying each step..... dipping the rice paper rolls in water, stuffing with fresh ingredients, garnishing them with pistachios and coconut oil, and wrapping each one and displaying them on a large moroccan plate.

My friends came over, and were delighted by the large display of fresh spring rolls.  They all had busy and stressful weeks.  As they indulged into the spring rolls, they remarked, "I can taste your zen-like energy in these rolls, and it's making me feel more peaceful too!"  Not to mention, they tasted so delicious.

Everything is energy.  

Not that long ago, I was working on a project, and someone close to me was working on one, too.

We just, approached it completely differently.

She was staying up all night, hardly sleeping.  Fighting with people are her team. "Pushing" for unrealistic deadlines and believing she had to create in a certain way.  Busy but unproductive.  Letting her ego run the show.  Crashing and burning, fast.  It was hard to watch.

Chaos is extremely unappetizing. 

No one wants to be around it.

I've been there myself.  

Pushing against the flow, creating chaos, being fear-minded and repelling those around me.  Short story:  It. Never. Worked.


Which brings me too... What are you creating in your life?

A business, a new project?  A new relationship?  A dinner party?  Searching for a new job?  Manifesting your dreams?  Finding peace after a difficult situation?

And which are you creating from, chaos or peace?

Because I'll tell you this.... no one wants to feel/buy/taste/join your chaos.  

Keep in simple.  

Choose peace and flow.  It's the only way...





PS Clearly, I'm creating myself !  I'll be sharing more in the weeks ahead.  xxx :)