I was battling with some self-acceptance recently.

I've come to realize that my greatest perceived "weaknesses" are actually my greatest strengths.

For instance....

I'm vain about my appearance.  Yet, it keeps me dedicated to my yoga practice, always mindful of what I eat/consume, and how I dress.

I'm very shy and introverted.  This one took a while for me to accept, but it makes me intuitive, creative, perceptive, and comfortable spending time by myself.

Even my anger.... when channeled in the right way, I'm super passionate and full of gusto.


But you see, there is one attribute that I was not able to shake: lazy.

So I reached out to one of my closest spiritual friends asking.... "So I've been journaling a lot lately, and this keeps coming up, am I just lazy?"

My friend just laughed.  "You, lazy? Well first of all, lazy people don't journal."  (Nor do they move abroad, start businesses or go to advanced yoga classes.)

But in any case, I was onto something good.  She went on, "You actually need to be lazy every day, check out this..."

(This is from Abraham Hicks, which is (hard to describe) essentially an "infinite intelligence" of love and truth that is channeled through Ester Hicks.)

"If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would decide to be lazy.  We are reaching for the perfect word.  We would decide to be lazy for a little while because, giving yourself permission to be lazy you are giving yourself permission to allow your grid to fill in with everything you have already chosen."

So allowing some laziness, is ok, and actually, good?!

You see, lazy is a HUGE trigger word for me.

In the later part of college, I worked upwards of 2-3 internships/jobs at a time, took full loads of classes, was part of a service fraternity, held leadership positions, and then some.  "I'm so busy" became my mantra.

I remember telling my roommate at the time, "I hate lazy people." (ego)

Even in more recent times...  When I worked crazy long hours, they became my bragging rights, my battle scars, no matter how unhappy I was.  Obsessive-doing and busyness became the most highly valued prize.  It seems that nearly everyone (especially in my yang-dominate American culture) is going on and on about their crazy schedules, how busy they are, and how much they have to do - with no slowing down.  So when there's been more of a pause, I've felt super guilty.

You see, we have it all wrong, as Abraham Hicks goes on to say...

"The word lazy has an unpleasant connotation, doesn't it, because it's humans measuring themselves against other humans, based upon a flawed premise: The more you DO, the more you are WORTH.  And that is, the most flawed premises of all flawed premises."

When in actuality it's, "The better you feel, the more you allow."

Because you can do-do-do all day long, but isn't it who you are, who you be, why you do what you do that really matters?  

The truth is, we ALL need lazy.  And the more you resist being lazy, the more you probably need it.

Especially in the winter, we need lazy to recharge before the spring.

Allow some lazy.

Bask in it.

Everyday, in some form.

You are deserving of lazy.

Just Be...





PS. Still not totally convinced?  As I've come to realize, it's a catch-22.  You see, the more you allow some healthy and guilt-free laziness into your life, the more productive and energized you will be when it's time to do.

PSS. Some of the greatest leaders I admire - Steve Jobs, Eckhart Tolle, Elizabeth Gilbert, all allowed themselves ample lazy-time before they launched/became famous.