Clearly, I've always been a painter.

Quite frankly, of all the art out there, I'm the biggest fan of abstract art.

Many people look at abstract art and disregard it.

"Oh I could do that!" I hear people proclaim when they pass a magnificent Rothko at the museum.  Ha! Yeah.... if only you could.

Standing in front of an original Rothko painting - admiring the rich layering of paint, unusual contrasting colors, and its striking grand scale - it is truly mesmerizing.

Abstract art is about creativity, pushing boundaries, and the depth of ~~feeling~~.  (My favorite quote from fashion school-->) "They painted not what they saw, they painted what they felt." 

Call me crazy, but I'll pick abstract art over the Renaissance masters any day of the week.  

Many can learn the rigidness of precision, but something abstract can only come from the heart.  That to me, is originality.  

Yesterday (March 5th) was my birthday, thus I am officially 29 (!!!).  

While 29 isn't yet a new decade (30), astrology-wise, it's actually more significant.  It marks the ending of cycle 1 and the beginning of cycle 2 (for the next 29 years.)  Thus a major life review and realignment are typically in order (turning 29 or 58? Here's some more reading here and here.)

To be honest, when I think of who "Jennifer" is, I don't think about Jennifer who loves Paris, was a holistic health coach, graduated cum laude in marketing, or wears a lot of pink.

When I think of who I really am, I'm reminded of the 4 year-old photo of me above as a painter.

In literal terms, yeah I do have minor in Painting & Printmaking.  And yeah, colors and prints are essential in my fashion designs.  

But well beyond that, I see myself for as a painter of life.  I play with the brushstrokes, master the colors, and I create my own life painting (regardless of who appreciates it.) 

To be honest, my 20s thus far have had lots of twists and turns.  My story, is well, a little less neat than the societal "norm".  New horizons, world travel, living overseas, trauma, healing, spirituality, changing course time and time and time again....

But I circle back and remind myself.... this life is my own artful creation.  I am not interested in precision, or drawing within the lines.

This my life, abstract and all, and I'm here to paint, freely and expressively, ....

~~ my own masterpiece ~~
Wishing you boundless creativity...
... one brush stroke at a time. :) 

PS. One of my favorite followers sent me this, very appropriate, no?