Hello!  While I've had a pretty quiet online presence over the last year... let me assure that a lot has been going on for me.  (2016 was a pretty crazy and often challenging year for everyone, right?!)  I will be sharing a very powerful process that I developed this past year, which helped me get through the year through the joyous and difficult times. 

You see, over the last few years I've realized how essential spending time in nature is to me and my well-being.  I also have a deep affinity for flowers, and for years have loved picking them from my backyard (or buying them at the store) and putting them all around my home.  But as the fall season comes around, and it gets colder outside, and the leaves start falling and nature begins to 'rest', and there are no more flowers, I find myself disconnect with nature.  This fall, I began diving deeper in shamanism, and began taking shamanic walks and sits.  And, I started to notice acorns, leaves, branches, and other plants aching for me to notice them.  So, I started picking them up and creating arrangements.  I found I was getting very deep messages, about how I was feeling and affirmative message about moving forward.

The real turning point in my process came when I had 3 friends come stay with me for a long weekend.  In setting up their rooms, I decided to go on a shamanic walk for each of them, and create plant arrangements for them.  What transpired when they saw the arrangements, was hours of deep sharing, laughter, and insights.  I realized that I essentially "channeled" spirit for each of the arrangements, and tapped into each of the ladies' energies without really realizing it.  

I knew I was onto something and felt called to share this process with others.  I'll be leading my first Shamanic Walk & Intuitive 'Flower' Arranging Workshop on January 28, 2017.  My intention is to share my process, and teach others how to do it for themselves.  For more details, please see the events page here