I'm writing you from Bali, Indonesia at the moment.  It's been an eventful few weeks, and I wanted to reflect back about my shamanic plant arranging workshops that took place in January and February.

See photos below (more writing to follow...)

WOW, what an experience.  One of the participants pulled me aside on the latest workshop and said "this is the most incredible workshop I have ever attended."  She went on to say she was floored by the combination of nature and spirit, and my facilitation style that allowed many stories and ample group participation.  I was humbled, to say the least.  

I have led many workshops over the years - from cravings to sugar blues to meditation to Parisian adventures to vision boards to how to eat alone to organic grocery store tour to jewish food parties to... so much more.  And yet, this workshop was special, having surpassed anything I have ever led.

How can I possibly summarize this experience?  I can't, really.  It was simply, an afternoon of deep connection with nature, community, and spirit.  One of the participants remarked in amazement, "you should have called this workshop PSYCHIC flower arranging!" - because the assignment was to create "mystery" arrangements for each other (meaning: not knowing who they were creating for or what their intention was - but somehow it all perfectly matched up and everyone got perfectly matched messages from another.)  There were deep shares, crying, epiphanies and a lot of fun and new friendships formed as well.

And to think... this all came about from my own personal process I stumbled upon (read more here.)  And then, a couple months later I had a dream one night that I was sharing my process and teaching this workshop - and so I trusted that dream and began organizing these workshops.  I'd love to teach this workshop again, and continue to expand upon it... though at the moment I'm in Bali, Indonesia... so stay tuned for next developments. :)