Red Lining

Red Lining

Dress: nameless found in LA, Shirt: Issac Mizrahi for Target (old), Tights: Gap, Hat (first photo) some small boutique in Paris, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Labyrinth Necklace: Virginia jewelry maker and craftsman - gift from this lovely lady.  Backdrop: Repbulique! (first photo), on DVF yoga mat (2nd photo)

Beaded Skirt to end the year


Wishing you a joyous completion of 2013 and much pleasure in 2014!  Much love from Paris.

Skirt vintage find at Freep'start, Shirt (old) Issac Mizrahi for Target, Tights Gap, Shoes Minelli, Bag H&M, Hat some little boutique in Paris, Coat and Gloves vintage - great grandmother's, Background La Tour Eiffel : ) 

Favorite Blouse

I adore this vintage blouse, truly a show-stopper!


Train Away

A friend and I went to explore this old train station in town.  It's very charming and classy... even if not that many trains stop here!  I'm wearing my vintage 1950s Miranda Panda playdress, paired with leopard, peach suede heels, Paris tote, and gold accessories.


Vintage Jewelry

I love wearing one-of-a-kind pieces.  The same goes for my jewelry.  Just yesterday, I was really excited to get a whole new collection of vintage jewelry from my late grandmother, which hadn't been seen in over 50 years.  Today I'm wearing circular gold earrings and multi-layered strands of pearls, which attached a uniquely Egypt-inspired pin on the last strand.  


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Summer Sunflowers

Photo 993.jpg
Photo 1003.jpg

Update: Someone special gave me matching flowers ; ) ; ) 

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This certainly feels like the most daring thing I have worn before.

I got this top in Udaipur, India.  It really spoke to me, as it's very tribal.  I chose this one of many ethnic tops and got the bottom grey stitching attached, and it was then fitted to me.  However, unlike my excitement, I returned home, my friends laughed and smirked at it (it does have rings of circles around the breasts.)  Over the last 3 years it's been an adornment on my wall or in my closet just for fun.  Recently I pulled it out, showing it to someone in a playful closet show-and-tell, and he said I could absolutely rock this top out.  (I had planned to wear a shirt underneath, but he convinced me to wear it as is!)  Thank god I finally got permission!

Today has been the first day I've worn it out.  It's scorching outside, I'm super fit from yoga and eating super healthy, so I figured it's the perfect day to go for it.

Thus far today I have worn it to the grocery store and the post office.  I got a lot of looks and stares.  I usually don't notice that sort of thing, but honestly I did feel a bit self-conscious today.  But nonetheless, I thought of Susie Bubble and the confidence she has to wear many eccentric things.  It's liberating to just dress and be who I am, eccentric and all.

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Playful Flower

Not many words... just a new combination on my favorite flower and summer looks.

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Summer Heat

It's the middle of summer and very hot out!  This has been my go-to dress for a summer walk.  Prabal Gurung is one of my favorite designers, thus I was excited to find this dress as part of his special collection for Target.



My good friend Danielle gave me a "Discovering Your Core Values" exercise {she's Miss Lady-Leadership.}  The first three critically important values to stand out to me are: Creativity, Individuality, and Sophistication.  I thought that was very fitting for today {I did get dressed before this exercise.}  I'm sitting at my neighborhood cafe writing this.  Before I left the house I thought, "can Richmond handle this?"
   My top is transparent and my skirt super flowy and sort of Little Bo Peep.  I took a moment to consider, before I concluded: "I'm just going to be myself."  And out the door I went.   

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