This certainly feels like the most daring thing I have worn before.

I got this top in Udaipur, India.  It really spoke to me, as it's very tribal.  I chose this one of many ethnic tops and got the bottom grey stitching attached, and it was then fitted to me.  However, unlike my excitement, I returned home, my friends laughed and smirked at it (it does have rings of circles around the breasts.)  Over the last 3 years it's been an adornment on my wall or in my closet just for fun.  Recently I pulled it out, showing it to someone in a playful closet show-and-tell, and he said I could absolutely rock this top out.  (I had planned to wear a shirt underneath, but he convinced me to wear it as is!)  Thank god I finally got permission!

Today has been the first day I've worn it out.  It's scorching outside, I'm super fit from yoga and eating super healthy, so I figured it's the perfect day to go for it.

Thus far today I have worn it to the grocery store and the post office.  I got a lot of looks and stares.  I usually don't notice that sort of thing, but honestly I did feel a bit self-conscious today.  But nonetheless, I thought of Susie Bubble and the confidence she has to wear many eccentric things.  It's liberating to just dress and be who I am, eccentric and all.

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