**Notice: Jennifer moved to Paris, France in late 2013 through 2014.  While her focus has shifted, these may be adventures may be re-launching in the future, and are available upon request.



  • Wishing for more travel and adventure?
  • Are you fascinated by the relaxed and chic European lifestyle?
  • Do you dream of a life filled with more beauty, leisure, and luxury?

Welcome to Paris, France: mecca of travel, European living, beauty, leisure, and luxury.


BUT WAIT! Without booking a plane ticket, stamping your passport, investing in a foreign trip... 


Experience the best of Paris in the your own backyard.

Join for the ultimate staycation in Richmond, VA: The Paris-Inspired Adventure.



Reignite your feelings of travel and discovery without going far...

Learn how to live, shop, and indulge like a Parisian...

See your city from a whole new perspective...

Learn how to enjoy and be more present in your life...

Immerse yourself in an elegant adventure...

Are you ready to be whisked away for a Paris-Inspired Adventure?


Discover the Paris-equivalent experiences...

Enjoy the ambiance of quintessential Cafe de Flore.

Stroll down the Avenue des Champs-Elysées as a chic Parisian. 

Accessorize at the Moulin Rouge, as you charm the city away.

Visit the artful Louvre, and practice painting a masterpiece.

Discover a finely-crated fashion gem at the Marais Quarter.

.Learn from the literary masters at the historic Shakespeare and Co.

Go treasure-hunting for the home at the Saint-Own Flea Market.

Take a romantic tour of the elaborate gardens of Versailles.

Enjoy a relaxing reflection at the Jardin des Tuileries with a sweet taste of Laudree

 (Note: this adventure takes place in Richmond, Virginia.  We will be visiting the equivalent versions of these Parisian establishments and having inspired experiences.)



"The Paris Adventure was such a well-rounded experience—the perfect combination of relaxation and exploration. Jennifer was a great coach, sharing knowledge through the day that has helped me cultivate more adventure and fullness in my life. Each detail was carefully thought of and there were several extra surprises in the mix. I highly recommend it!"

Kristen Ziegler, Minima Organizing & Redesign


Picture 10.png

"I felt pampered, carefree and excited during the Paris Adventure!  My favorite part was the details.... every aspect of the adventure was carefully planned.  The experience helped me to see the city in a different light. I'll stop at new places and try harder to do things outside of my usual routine when I have free time to spend in the city.  Definitely recommended!"

Christina Dick, Community Manager at the Martin Agency

The Paris-Inspired Adventure is an elegant experience and combination of:

Local Richmond Tour + Group/Personal Reflection + Imagination/Artful Play + Paris Exploration

Ready to experience "Paris"?  

This Paris-Inspired Adventure in Richmond Includes... 

3-4 hours of guided small-group adventure (led by Jennifer)

Chauffeured by bioRide, in a luxury biodiesel Mercedes

Visit to several special local businesses

Fascinating Parisian lifestyle tips at each destination

Experiencing each destination with unique Paris flair, including group play, art, meditation, and reflection

Parisian sweet treat, beret, journal, and small keepsakes


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” 

- Marcel Proust