Intuitive Plant Arrangement-Making + Movement Meditation

Sunday February 26th from 2:00-5:30pm


• Have you ever considered practicing meditation beyond just sitting still, but by incorporating movement, creativity, and nature?
• Do you love spending time in nature, but don’t make time to it connect in your day-to-day life, especially in the doormat winter season?
• Do you adorn your home with grocery store flowers and ‘domesticated’ house plants? Would you be interested in creating an intuitive arrangement of your own?
• Are you interested in learning how to practice modern shamanism in a relaxed and joyful way?


Step away from your routine, and explore a new way to create using nature as your spirit guide. Whether or not the groundhog saw his shadow, discover a new perspective by learning to appreciate the magic of late winter. In this workshop, we explore our intuitive and shamanic abilities while making channeled arrangements in a supportive, guided environment. This is a process I developed and have been using actively in my life, and guiding others to as well, to feel connected, calm, and supported. This workshop is a mix of movement meditation, creative exploration, wandering in nature, making plant arrangements, and group connection/sharing. You will get to take home your arrangement(s) and enjoy shamanic messages for the next week to come! 

This workshop will be held both indoors and outdoors in nature. 
Warm tea and delicious vegan/paleo desserts will be served

Location: Jennifer’s home (in Hanover County, 20 minutes from downtown Richmond) with beautiful backyard of 7+ acres including gardens, woods, and a pond

Please bring:
- Clippers (or strong scissors) (Optional: gardening gloves)
- A large paper grocery bag, basket, or tote bag for your plant collections
- (Suggested) 3-5 vases of your choice for your arrangements
- Walking shoes and warm/comfortable clothing for partial time outside

$40.00 participation fee

Please private message me or email for details + sign up


“As a professional organizer and minimalist, living an organized life is about being mindful and intentional with my space, my time and my relationships. Jennifer's Shamanic plant arranging workshop helped me find a new creative outlet and method of meditation/mindfulness. I felt incredibly refreshed being outside (even in the cold!), connecting with new people, and creating something that is so free and organic. I didn't know I had that type of creative energy inside of me! I highly recommend her next workshop if you're in or near the Richmond area." - Kristen Ziegler, Minima

“ The workshop helped me shift my perspective of wintertime which is typically, to me, a dark period that I just wished would end. I have never stopped and really looked at the flora during winter and was surprised at the beauty and variety. (One week later) My arrangements are doing well, still looking good and emitting warmth and calmness to my house. I focused on my arrangements and they ‘took me back’ to the experience of Saturday afternoon. I spent the week in a toxic (to me) environment, Las Vegas, and took a learning from the workshop and found a small patch of bushes, a tiny patch of nature to catalyze my daily meditative event.” - Kent